What Should You Exactly Remember for a Wedding Limo Hire?

What Should You Exactly Remember for a Wedding Limo Hire?

No matter how you plan your wedding, it takes time and patience. And when it comes to a wedding limo hire, your choice says a lot, especially about your sense of style and personality. After all, you have just one chance to impress your guests. At Calgary YYC Limo, we have an extensive range of fleets for the bride and groom to reach their destination. But there are a few things that you need to take care of while choosing your wedding limo. Let us tell you that!


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Things to Keep in Mind for a Wedding Limo Hire


From White Lincoln Stretch Limousine to Ford Expedition Limousine to Black Dodge Ram Limo- Our extensive fleet collection won’t disappoint you while booking your ride for your big day. Our professional drivers will take you to your wedding venue in style, regardless of the theme! But we ensure that it will complement it!


However, something you need to remember while booking your wedding limo. Here are those:

Right size and style:


As mentioned earlier, we have wedding limos in different styles that can accommodate small and large groups as well. In that case, you should decide first how you want to transport your bride and her family or even your friends to the venue. For example, a bride comes with her father while her mother goes with the bridesmaid, and the groom arrives with his best man, traditionally. But there’s no hard-and-first rule! So, finalize that, count the heads then, and choose a limo accordingly to accommodate all.

White or colourful?


Generally, people prefer bright colours, like pink or red, for weddings. But when the bride can wear a white gown to look perfect on her special day, a white limousine is an option for you! So, if you want one pure white wedding limo, you can contact us to book your ride in White Lincoln Stretch Limousine. And we ensure that when a white limousine enters your venue on your D-day, everyone will be mesmerized!

Do you want a red carpet or rear opening doors?


On the wedding day, your bride looks elegant in a white gown. But when she struggles to get out of the car, that appears nothing graceful! On the contrary, there may be a gravel road or dirt from the vehicle to the entry to the church that can spoil her stunning white gown. So, if you want these additional facilities, like a rear opening door and red carpet to make her entry effortless, you can have that from our custom limousine service.

Mention timing and costs:


You should always discuss the timing and charges ahead to ensure everything runs smoothly on your big day. Yes, a wedding limo is available for as many hours as you need with all the facilities required. Still, you should clear all your doubts before booking the ride!

To Conclude


So, whatever you request for your wedding limo hire, we can get you covered! Our limousines come in an amazing interior and exterior look as you desire on your special day. To find out more, read our previous blogs!