A Brief Idea About Renting Limousines for Your Wedding Transportation!

A Brief Idea About Renting Limousines for Your Wedding Transportation!

So, you are overwhelmed in decision-making about whether to consider stretch limousines or ram limos for your wedding day. Honestly, renting limos for the big day is popular and wise, especially if you want a grand entrance and exit. And this luxurious vehicle usually comes with an unparalleled chauffeur service. But we suggest having a brief idea of limousines before renting one for your wedding to ensure you make the right pick!


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What to Know About Limousines Before Renting One for Your D-day


We hope you are not one of those who think that a limousine is a car brand! And even if so, you should know that limos are a type of vehicle that comes in a variety of choices, depending on your accommodation requirements. At Calgary YYC Limo, we provide high-end limousines, including stretch limos, Ford Expedition limousines, and Ram limos, with our experienced drivers.


And we ensure that no matter which one you choose, it will leave your guests mesmerized! You may wonder why limousines are so popular at weddings. Well, the reason is not only its stunning design. It’s their reliability and security. Also, you can make your D-day memories last forever by making a grand entry with a luxurious limousine.


But this isn’t over! Have a little more idea about wedding limousines before renting:


Types Of Limousines Available:


From standard limousines to stretch limos to Ram limos- You have endless options, but your choice should be up to your preferences and accommodation needs. For instance, a standard limousine can hold around five or six passengers, while a stretch limo usually accommodates up to ten passengers. Now, the vehicle sizes can vary depending on the manufacturers, and so is the capability of holding passengers. However, regardless of the type of limousine, you will have it well-furnished with audio and visual equipment, wifi, beverage, lighting, etc.

Is It Perfect For Bridal parties?


Actually, YES! As stretch limousines can hold up to ten people comfortably, you can consider renting for even groups, like bridal parties from and to the wedding venue. Most limousines come with comfortable seating, sound systems, and other advanced equipment.

How Much Will You Have To Pay For Renting A Limousine?


Well, there’s no certain answer! The charges depend on different factors. For example, if you contact us to rent a limousine for your wedding day, we will ask you for three pieces of information to give you a quote!


  • The first is, “How Many Hours Will You Need Our Limousine, From Pick-up To Drop-off?”


  • The second is, “What Type of Limo Will You Choose?”


  • The third is, “What Is Your Wedding Date and Where Is The Location?”


After having all the information, we can assure you how much the limousine will cost you.


Wedding Limo


Now, you may be thinking about how long before you should book it. Well, a couple of weeks is sufficient for a wedding limousine. But if you are getting married in a peak wedding season, it should be a month ago. Anyway, to know more about limousine rental, read our other blogs!